Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our visit home

Here are some pictures from our trip home. Keegan and I had a great time! We can't wait to see everyone again. I know there are more pictures floating around out there... send them to me please!

Here we are with Jordan and her daughter Gracyn (We looked glazed over because it was blazing hot in the restaurant we went to!). Keegan loved Gracyn. They kept trying to hold hands :)

Ahhhh, having brunch at Citrus with Bonnie.

Michael Chu

Great Grandpa Biehn/ Great Grandma Biehn

Keegan taking his very first bites of food from Aunt Briana. Yea!!!

Great Aunt Cheri - Enjoying lunch at Skips Bagels :)

Great Grandma Massengale

Mmmmmm, food!

Mommy training Keegan... he loves the taste of a chocolate malt from UDF!


Sharing a laugh with Aunt Lindz

Lindz and me

Great Grandpa Massengale gave Keegan a golf hat that he seemed to enjoy!


Grandpa (with Nana in the background)

Nana, Great Grandpa Massengale

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

making lite...

josh sent this to me for a laugh...
*i was thinking the same thing {as pooh} for the plane trip home. watch out fellow passengers!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I was surfing the net when I heard a loud thump come from Keegan's swing. Now that the little fart knows how to sit up, he has taught himself to swing higher than the automatic setting, causing him to hit the window/door behind him. After cracking up, I grabbed the Flip to record him. Notice the complete concentration (ie. his tongue sticking out (remind anyone of someone they know?)) while swinging and watching his favorite Baby Einstein DVD.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hi Dad!

Josh is having a tough day, so Keegan is sending him a smile!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jennifer and Jason's visit

Jennifer and Jason came to visit this past week. Here are some photos.

Keegan playing at the agriturismo in Tuscany.

Gnawing on his very first piece of (Italian table) bread at our favorite restaurant in Tuscany. Mmmmmm!

Josh taking a picture of Jenn and Jason at the famous cypress trees in Tuscany.

Pause for a picture on a very windy day at Capri. I love the wisteria!

This picture made me laugh so hard. Our hair was swirling around our heads in the crazy wind!

Here we are on the Alibus that takes you from the port of Napoli to the airport. The bus driver yelled at me and told me he was not moving the bus until the baby was on my lap. He said that it was unsafe for him to be strapped in his car seat (which was locked into the stroller, which was locked into place, which I was standing next to holding). Hmmmmmmmm, I guess that was not too surprising to me since none of the Neapolitan children have car seats in the car. Btw, he slammed on the breaks about 10 times, so Keegan and I nearly went flying into the bar in front of us.

A produce stand in downtown Naples.
Lemons in Sorrento. They are huge!
Keegan taking a nap while we had lunch (eating the best pizza ever!) in Sorrento. Notice that he has a grip on his new favorite thing.. bread!

Jason trying so hard to eat a pizza the 'correct' way. (Neapolitans eat their pizza from the inside out, reserving the crust for last.)

Sorrento. Keegan staring at the Italian woman sitting on the ground behind Jason (who is taking the pic). He is mesmerized by the Italian women!

Keegan having a blast sitting like a big boy in the front seat. (We were parked)

Friday, May 1, 2009

LCDR Wenker

Congratulations Josh! Today Josh officially puts on his new rank of Lieutenant Commander. He is away right now on the boat, where he will have a ceremony. *I am clapping from here!*
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