Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cooking with Mariella

Last weekend I took a cooking class at one of our favorite restaurants, La Taverna dei Sapori. My friends and I learned how to make an antipasta (Bruschetta), 2 pastas (Fusilli Napolitani & Paccheri con Melanzane e Provola), and dolce (Torta Caprese)! I had so much fun learning these dishes, as they are among my favorite that Mariella makes. Here are a few pictures from the experience. (I am not in many of them because I had my wisdom teeth removed just days before this leaving me with a bruised face! Also...I could not eat most of what I cooked :( At least I knew what it tasted like from previous times there!)
**While on the subject of Bruschetta, let me tell you how to say it correctly. Josh and I have a huge pet peeve about the pronunciation now that we live here. It is correctly pronounced:


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