Sunday, March 8, 2009

Looking good K!

Keegan turned 5 months old on Friday. I planned to post an update on him then, but all of us have been battling one cold after the next. Keegan was sick starting last Sunday, I got sick by Wednesday and Josh was sick by Thursday. Funny enough (well, not really) just as I started to feel better Saturday, my symptoms got worse by that night. I think Josh actually brought a different bug home. Yuck! I am just hoping that Keegan steers clear. I'm not sure if I can handle another week of sickness... especially when Josh is out of town all week.

On to Keegan. He is doing great! It cracks us up when he laughs at us and is constantly smiling. He loves to roll. We call him our little roly-poly. As soon as he lays down on the floor, he goes across the living room like a tumble weed. His jumper keeps him occupied for a long time. He thinks it is fun to make the sounds go off as he bounces. Rosco is also really funny to Keegan... must be all that fur! Keegan just goos and goos at Rosco (of course Rosco just looks at him like he is crazy. Also, he is not a fan of getting his fur pulled!).

Speaking of things that occupy Keegan, he LOVES cartoons. In particular, the Care Bears. He can also watch Baby Einstein dvds over and over. (This is a nice luxury that buys me a little time to cook or do laundry!! :)) He also loves to watch the Simpson's when they are on TV.

As soon as he is completely healthy and back on track, we are going to attempt a little cereal to see how he takes it. He has been staring at our food when we eat (in particular, desserts!) and grabbing at our plates (he even flipped my plate of rice all over me one time). I will update on that progress later.

I have been expecting his first tooth to come any time now. He drools constantly and it always gnawing at things (the 24-hr bib phase is in effect!). I can feel little bumps in his gums, so it will only be a matter of time!

Thankfully, Keegan is a great sleeper! He has been sleeping through the night for a while now. A huge break for me! He sleeps for 11 to 12 hours at night :) Every night we put him to bed with a story (which I really think he looks forward to!). He pays attention to every page and studies it with intent!

We feel very lucky to have such a happy little guy! Keegan is easily pleased. He loves to be on the go and is a social butterfly!

Here he is smiling and jumping!


  1. what a great update, Lauren! Keegan sounds like an amazing little boy (not that I am at all biased about my nephew!) :-)

    Hope y'all are feeling better soon!

  2. Great update! Thank you for keeping us up on all the goings on. The bugs are global! We have been battling sickies constantly... my first ever sinus infection, mike's ear infection and chloe's random never ending cough. enough already!
    On to how lucky you guys are... the whole sleeping through the night thing... i dont even want to hear about it. :) anyway, take care and enjoy life! Love, mike jenny, chloe and truman``

  3. I love those handpainted letters (especially since the diplay name is Parker!)- does she do anything like if I wanted fishies and stuff? I'd love to get together sometime at the park, let me know if you're ever heading up there. Glad to see Keegan likes that Jumparoo- it might just be the best invention ever and is really the only reason I get anything accomplished during the day! Hope to talk soon



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