Friday, March 27, 2009

Marble/Tile + Fur Tumbleweeds = Shave!

A little early this year, but Keegan and I were getting attacked by Rosco's fur!

See you again in the fall!


  1. Poor boy, looks like Rosco pride is gone. He looks so sad not proud at all.That beauitful main gone.

  2. omg - I didn't know you guys shaved him. I've only ever seen him with hair. i bet it's a lot cooler for him and a lot less hassle for you!

  3. yeah, when we lived in Va Beach, josh made me get rosco shaved each summer because he was so miserable going to the beach everyday. it is hot here in italy too, but the marble makes for and earlier shave. rosco loves it... after he gets shaved he jumps around the house like a spunky monkey!
    *the only reason he probably looks sad is b/c the groomer found parasites in his left ear. gross!!! he hates medicine treatments!


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