Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Josh enjoying a Guinness at the bar on top of the Storehouse. A view of Dublin behind him.

After lugging my diaper bag and 2 cameras through the Storehouse, he paused to make sure Guinness was distributing a perfect brew!

Keegan listening intently to a lecture about how the brew is made. He either plans on making it himself or enjoying it like Daddy.

Our daily beverages. Josh: Guinness or Murphy's, Me: Bulmers, Keegan: a taste of the foam from Josh's beer ;)

If Keegan did not get a taste of the foam immediately, he would freak out. After a lick, all smiles. (Who do you think started that habit?)

Trying to take the entire pint.

Again, going for the entire pint. He settled for the foam on his fingers!

This is why we have such beautiful pictures... Josh climbed waaaaay up there!

This is as far as the sheep moved when we came down the road. Lazy animals!

2 of them walked back into the middle of road deciding if they wanted to delay us any longer.

This is after I got out of the car and chased them to safety.

A honeycomb flavored double scoop from my favorite place in Kilarney: Murphys Ice Cream. The famous ice cream was delicious. Keegan thought so too (in this pic he was contemplating the cold, i think).

He was done thinking...


  1. so... what is the red on the back of the sheep?

  2. good question... we wondered that ourselves. we guessed a type of branding? some had blue or orange marks too.


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