Tuesday, July 7, 2009

9 Month Wellness Visit

We just got back from Keegan's 9 month appointment. Everything went well, so I'll get to the details that family likes to hear...

17 lbs.
31 inches
one tall and skinny kid!

The doctor says that the 12 month appointment will basically tell us his structure for the rest of his life. If he continues to grow faster than he puts on weight... a 'biehn'-pole he will be. (haha)

An update on what he is doing these days...

Keegan is crawling, standing, talking (saying mama and dada (and a bunch of other things that us adults cannot understand)), eating grown-up food, and getting into as many things as he possibly can.

I will post some more pictures soon. Briana is in town visiting, so we have been on the go!


  1. Awesome! Glad to hear he's one tall and healthy young man :)

  2. tall and skinny is a good thing to be. I am still waiting for my growth spurt to get to 5'6" :-)

    I've read that to get a rough adult height, you can double what he is at 2 yrs old.


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