Saturday, August 15, 2009

can heaven receive a virtual letter?

Dear Gazer,

It's been 2 years and we miss you every day. I believe that you are watching down on us and you are with us in spirit.

We are sorry that we did not make it to the memorial service yesterday. Of course, you know that we are in Italy. Luckily, friends have shared pictures with us.

A lot has happened in a year for us. Keegan was born. Sometimes it is hard to think that you will not be here play with him and romp around. He is so much fun right now and I know that the two of you would be the best of friends.

Lindsey is doing well. She is graduating with her PHD next spring...finally! We are very proud of her accomplishments. Here is a picture of her at Keegan's baptism.

Sometimes Josh and I think Keegan is just like you. He LOVES dessert. Really, he loves to eat anything, but he has a special place in his heart for ice cream and cookies.

Here he is sneaking a second cookie... He thought I wasn't looking.

It seems like yesterday that you were here. Know that we think about you often.

J, L & K


  1. Thank you for remembering. The letter was beautiful. He was truly an amazing young man. I am grateful for all his friends who keep his memory alive and all the new friends he brought into our family.

  2. ditto on my mom's comments....i can't tell you how much it means to us to see how special he was to other people (obviously we already knew how great he was, but we're biased!!)...seeing his memory live on in ya'lls words and stories is so important!

  3. Seeing these pictures and these wonderful comments about Cameron are so very heart touching. I knew Cameron when he was a younger man and he was a friend of my son, TJ. His mother is so right about that smile and that laugh. He was so mischievious and adorable! I actually laughed when I saw a few of the pictures. He was an amazing young man with an amazing family. Much love to them and thank you for keeping him so alive in our hearts. Connie Dove


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